But do you have the time?

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The Los Angeles food scene is as popular as the celebrity scene. New restaurants are popping up all over, creating it’s own real estate on Instagram, and if the place is popular you’ll find yourself either waiting a few weeks for a table or finding the next best thing down the street. If a restaurant is good and you’re a decent user of Instagram, you will find out about it. What’s especially interesting about the Los Angeles food scene is that you can find authentic food from any cultural background pretty much in any region in Los Angeles. And yes, it’s actually authentic. Needless to say, Los Angeles is the place to be if you’re craving al pastor tacos one day, and then a deliciously warm and comforting Bahn mi the next day.

If you’re on this page, chances are you are looking for a food photographer in the Los Angeles area to help you take quality pictures of your food. A big part of why the LA food scene is the way it is and how restaurants get on the map of soon-to-be loyal customers is because of imaged-based social sharing sites such as Instagram, Yelp, Google and sure let’s include Facebook for when your aunt who visits the Halal Guys for the first time and tells everyone to try it like it’s the newest trend.

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Therefore, you as either a restaurant owner or chef, will find it very beneficial for your business if you simply had images of your photos that caught people’s attention. The kind of photos that make potential customers say,

“ I need to try that, like now.”


“Oh! I need to tag John in this and we need to go cause it’s not too far away”

Let’s take this further.

Let’s say John and his friends arrive at your restaurant. Here are just a few important things they will inevitably end up doing if they end up loving your establishment.

  1. Take photos of your beautifully presented food and share it on social media

  2. Tell their friends and family

This is essentially how something spreads and if it spreads long enough, you could be seeing a line out your door waiting to eat.

You’re probably thinking, “Why don’t I just take my phone out and take the pictures myself? I can save money towards other things”.

Yes, you absolutely can! But my question for you is: Do you have the time?

  • The time to… figure out good CONSISTENT lighting that matches the mood of your brand?

  • The time to… understand the necessity of good tonal ranges of your food to ensure maximum visual impact? In other words, how long until you can figure out how to make your images stand out in a saturated plethora of food images on the web out there?

  • The time to… figure out proper compositional techniques that ensure that all your customer sees is your dish?

  • The time to… keep up with your social media account? To ensure you have enough quality content to post for your customers on a consistent basis?

Just to name a few.

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At the end of the day, the reason you’re looking to hire someone to take pictures of your maybe because you just need photos, or you actually want to establish a unique look and feel to your business. The bottom line is you’re looking for someone who can tell your story.

The right food photographer will know and understand on a very empathetic level, your story behind your food, why you do what you do, and will communicate it to the world in a way that you couldn’t have done yourself, even if you had the time.

Photographing food is an art because storytelling is an art and every story and every project is unique. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you bring an artist in who can visually communicate your vision.

If you’re looking for the right food photographer in the Los Angeles area, send me a quick email. Whether you want a quick consultation or just want a quote, let’s talk!